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Travel wise, travel light and happy holidays everyone!

In a couple of days I will be leaving for my holidays and like many, I am thinking that my vacation won’t last long enough and when I am back it will be as I never left. Holidays for some are not as they used to be, in many ways. For you, the eternal unsatisfied, I write my last post, hoping that I won’t be writing nonsenses or commonplaces…. When heading to an exotic destination, near or far, you should not forget to put your mind at ease, leave the stress and the chronic  fatigue behind otherwise do not  even bother to leave.

When my Webmaster suggested that I should be writing about what to put in the suitcase and what not, I thought , not being a blogger, that I should not be giving any advice, instead I will tell you what I will take away with me, this summer.

First of all , I will be travelling with a book. Two, to be honest. The first one as my travel mate, is a book I already started, this is important because I would not want to feel the embarrassment of not knowing if I like it or not, and in the latter case not having anything to read. The choice I made is a book from Robert Ludlum, a vintage edition from the late 1970’s,”The Parsifal Mosaic” the second one is “Afrodita” by Isabel Allende. I read it already, but I need to go through it again…if you haven’t read it yet, go for it, it  is a sensual mixt of recipes and short stories, I would state that no one does it better than Isabel at putting all  the 5 senses into a book, you can actually really smell  and taste the food…and she describes it with such a talent, that you see it for real in front of you…

Second thing, I would choose my survival kit. My suitcase is generally not too big or heavy, I travel light. Starting with the bottom, my feet are bare from the end of May until the end of September, and the winner for this summer are with no doubt the flip flops. I like them, they are comfortable, light to carry, multitasking…Designers know that, you can find them in so many shapes, materials and colors, even the disco version, with glitters and sequins..I will pack two pairs, just in case, you never know…

A big long boho- cotton printed dress, the one your mother used to wear in the 1970’s, is back in Fashion. For me the style never left my wardrobe, so I just need to pick one or two amongst my Vintage selection. I learned over the years, that mini- skirts are over, unless you are 25 and you are called Naomi… Long dresses and maxi volumes are always ok, they can be declined for any occasion. And you know what? You don’t need to iron them, Vintage supplies with an enormous amount of materials wash and wear… and gorgeous prints as well. Being classy is a matter of being self- confident with less… Class is most of the times unnoticed, but it leaves behind a seductive unforgettable scent. For some, but not for all.

I do not wear accessories or jewelry…I like my hands , my neck and my ears free, particularly during summer. Bur images of Grace Kelly come to my mind and suggest that the scarf will never go out of style. So wear it, the vintage silk carré, printed or not, as long and as much as you like. For me it turns out to be very handy when my hair is a mess…you know, girls, how wonderful and helpful a scarf can be. A carriage Hermès or a flowery Gucci, you will look just beautiful, and again less is more, you will be dressed, and casual at the same time. The handbag for my summer is enormous, I choose Vintage of course, I adore straw shopping size handbags with silly decorations that make me laugh. They must be capacious, I leave in the morning not knowing what my day will be, I like to surprise myself specially if I travel solo, but I am lazy too, just a little bit, the survival kit for the day comes very handy, everything I need or should need must be in my bag. Enormous and practical.

As far as clothing it depends where you are going, so I will be stopping here. For fashion advice you can spot all the bloggers on line, you will find your way… I would like to add a very personal advice. If you think that on vacation you are free to behave with no regards to others you should not be going anywhere. Social behavior, respect and civics are basics. I always carry with me the knowledge that the Other is my half and my mirror, I would want to look at  a nice person, I would want he/she to think I am a nice, straight person. In Japan, people live in constant respect for each other, they stand in  lines in the subway, they don’t speak loud, they are respectful and very polite, truly believing that rules must be obeyed and this is for the benefit of all. So the only very important thing to put in your suitcase is the old fashioned common ( good ) sense. The voice in your head telling you not to, you should listen to, now and then. Remember: at home, on holidays, when travelling, we are guests, so we must honor our host. Do not ever think you are the Master, act with judgement and with the will of sharing the beauty you just conquered with others. The beaches, the crystalline waters, the cove you just discovered, the peak you have just reached…leave them untouched , give Nature the chance to provide the necessary erasing of human presence…so be kind and gentle. Pick up you waste, and on your way to the bin pick up some extra garbage too. Teach others with your example. It is not too difficult, I promise. It makes me feel good to leave the beach proper for the next to come, it is a question of respect and  the sharing I mentioned above. Consume wisely, apart from the sun, the sea, the waves, we do not need much…it is amazing to discover that your body free from boundaries and timetables can be nourished with less…Order what you feel eating when you are really hungry. On holidays some tend to over eat, regardless to our body which has to do the tough job, eliminating the waste, consuming energy you would be better off using otherwise. Do not claim to be someone you are not, let it flow…bronze and tan, free your body and ease your mind, at dinner you will need just  a lipstick, your natural tanned complexion is your best make up, you will look sexy and relaxed, at ease. Be in love with yourself, others will fall for you with a blink of an eye. Your colors are unique and -guess what- wonderful, so use them.

The anxiety and the stress will be waiting for you at home, so why wasting time worrying now? I will be here in a couple of weeks, so will you, I hope. In the meantime, with the good sense on one side, and great expectations on the other, have a wonderful summer.