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Lady D

So much has been said and written about Lady D. Her character survived the Drama of her life, her persona tamed the Media, becoming the world’s best seller, despite her premature death she sells more than the Queen herself, still now, still today.

The morning of August 31st of 21 years ago, the world woke up to know that Lady D was gone, and it was a very sad awakening for all. She was only 36, blooming into a free woman, released from bonds and restraints of the rigid royal protocol. The night of the accident, once more, she was running away from the paparazzi who would not leave her alone. They were chasing her limousine in which she tried to hide with her new fiancé Dodi Al Fayed, the car was speeding to fast they say, and it crushed on a concrete pillar of the Pont de l’Alma in Paris…This was what was reported. Lady D arrived at the hospital with severe wounds and died soon after. I was shocked, I felt lonely and desperate, like many, I loved her so much. There are still so many unanswered questions, time has passed but the wound is not yet healed, never will be, so today I will write about her, Diana, with my words and I will ask help to the memories I have of her. She was a Media person from the start. She captured attention and interest, she could not help it. She was the subject of many biographies , compelling and irresistible subject, one of the latest, describes her as a common woman who was cynic enough to plan her entire life, who was able to escape the monotony of her bourgeois life and introduced at court was capable to draw Charles attention on her, having him to marry her, becoming soon after the Princess of Wales. All the truth? Who could tell know… What is certain to me is that planned or not, she did not expect that life at court could be so hard. Did Charles ever love her? Did they have the chance to life as a married couple, a common one? Was it too much to hope for? She and her Majesty the Queen did not get along, Diana lowered her eyes showing obedience, but later she did what she wanted to. She could not stand the Royal protocol, leaving her no privacy, no space and no independence;  she was not made to sit aside, she felt she wanted to live under the spotlights, whatever these might be at Court. Charles was called to duty too often, she spent many days alone, we all remember the public image of them together, the most  envied royal couple of all times, but Diana’s first years of marriage must have been very lonely. She insisted in bypassing  the royal rules of Motherhood , she managed to spent more time with her children, she wanted to be there for them , in fact we know for sure she has been an extraordinary Mother understanding , caring and playful, I personally see so much of her in William.

But soon after, the children grown, she felt emptied, her dreams taken from her, she suffered from depression, some say Anorexia and Bulimia were her best friends for a while, she was sad and felt she could not speak to anyone. Her marriage collapsed in few years, The Queen treated her with despise  ( am I allowed to say that?), so she looked around and outside the walls of the Palace, her loving and caring was needed elsewhere. So she did it, she claimed her life back, she divorced Charles, finally, still young and strong, her radiant face became  the endorsement of many humanitarian fights, she went to Bosnia, and Africa, amongst many troubled countries, she visited dying patients in hospitals, she became the Queen of Hearts, no doubt that mine was taken right away.

And she was very beautiful too, tall with that tonic and athletic body, elegant and classy, Designers of the 90’s killed to dress her, Versace above all. Finally and with no regrets, she was able to leave the royal taste in matter of Fashion behind her, she had her own exquisite, daring taste. She became an Icon. Her hairdo was the most copied of the Century, every woman wanted to be like her. She was at ease wearing a bulletproof waistcoat with her jeans as well as a fuchsia tank top short dress to the Ball, showing  her perfect shoulder line and her long legs. I remember well her favorite outfit that summer of 1997, she wore white Capri pants, a t-shirt, and a blue Blazer, blue ballerina shoes, big shades of course, she was spending few days in Paris, wanting to be a woman in love, Diana tried to be invisible, fighting to keep her private life for herself. And then that horrible crash, suddenly without her, that morning the World woke up different…

We all felt orphans and abandoned, she was a beacon of light and love, more than an Image on magazines, more than just a pretty face. A Fashion Icon I said, because she overcame fashion itself, she imposed her Style, she enlightened a room with her presence, her fierce gaze could pierce the horizon . Thousands of people started to gather outside Kensington Palace that day, hundreds of square meters were filled with flowers and notes, the People of England went to bring the last goodbye to her. The Queen was caught by surprise, she sure did not expect such a demonstration of love and respect, she had to deal with an enormous demand of  justice, their Queen was dead, they all needed comfort and support. The Royal flag that morning was raised to half auction in sign of National mourning, her Majesty gave up on that.

The day of the funeral the Royal Etiquette was silenced again by Elton John’s voice, singing for her a readaptation of “Candle in the wind”, he called her English Rose, the most beautiful the world has ever seen. He was her good friend, they had indeed a very strong bound. Sad memories are like an open wound, they endure in time and space, leaving emptiness and regrets. No one will ever forget young Princes William and Harry following on foot their mother’s coffin, not able to grieve such a loss in a private way. Every television on Earth filmed that, their sad, fixed- like- stone faces… no child should be forced to such a proof.

An era ended with Lady D. No one will ever fill her shoes. She was a unique, everlasting Icon in her being entirely herself. What I mostly miss of her is her ability to live her life from A to Z, falling down and emerging again from her ashes, a winning Phoenix, not afraid to admit were she failed and above all a woman, wholly  human, flesh, bones and soul. She made that very clear to us, because she made that very clear to herself in the first place. A Queen of(all) Hearts, beloved, unforgettable Diana.