Loving is what everybody needs! - Nottheusualdressing
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Loving is what everybody needs!

Let’s do it. Let’s fall in love. Loving is good for your heart and good for the spirit. It is a balm for your broken soul, a cure for your illness. When you love you are free to see the world with different eyes, and you discover the beauty of a sunset, the colors of the sea, the pureness of the snow. It is nice and regenerating to smile, simply because you are loving life and you feel well, you picture yourself in somebody else’s smile.

It is a soothing wave of joy that overcomes boundaries and breaks down barriers. You fall in love with the heart, not with the color.

So sitting down again with the spirit of a child you look at the world and the beauty of it.

Love is actual, modern, eternal. It never ages and never changes. It is the only  power, the only source of energy we are not able to measure or  capture, still its strength moves the tide and can change our destiny.

Let’s fall in love, with yourself in the first place. Because it is nice to honor your body and your mind with care and respect. Fall in love with the wilds  at heart, with the free climbers, the ones who jump with no parachute…fall in love with the open  and sincere smiles, for those who always speak the truth and are ready to die for  that.

Fall in love, because dreaming is still for free and because to give is such a wonderful thing. You will see that love goes around, what you give will come back to you somehow… and the magic is that you will be cured. The illness and the pain gone. What a nice way to start again. So let’s do it. LET’S FALL IN LOVE.