Food: the art of cooking and the art of eating. - Nottheusualdressing
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Food: the art of cooking and the art of eating.

Food and I have a very personal relationship, almost lover to lover, I love it enjoying every single aspect of it. From the market and the choice of ground grown stuff, to the cooking, and finally to the table setting, I adore every single moment of this I called “Art”. Eating is ancestral,  it deals with all our five senses, I try to please them all. So I like to eat, and to cook, because food has to do with primary survival and also with health, we are what we eat, I try to make it sound  and taste like absolute pleasure. Well it was not always this way. Did I say earlier that I was a model for many years while a teenager? Well those years were full of airport lounges, jet lag fatigue, hard day’s work, little sleep…I had to learn to take care of my body, for it was worth a lot of money. Food became my best ally and cooking for myself the best way to stay young and healthy. Lots of fruits and veggies, fish, raw meat very few times, rice and lots of water. Sigarettes were not on this menu, although they were part of it, sadly. When I stopped modeling, after having travelled  a lot around, I started mixing different cultures while cooking, some rash combination turned out to be quite tasty with my total surprise and satisfaction. I will share in this blog some of my recipes, I am going to try to describe food  as my muse Isabelle Allende does in her book “Afrodita”: to read about food is also to  smell it and to taste it. Will I achieve? I hope I do.