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Hi there!  Filling here the empty spaces…   



ChiaraMegan, a former model in the 80’s and 90’s, Vintage alcoholic, was born in 1967.

She does not like to talk much about what she has done, which is a lot, because her resumé can get very long …

Well indeed: she has travelled the world and back, visited many countries in the late 80’s and mid 90’s as a model, half Canadian (her mother MJ was the fourth of six children, born in Nova Scotia, from a mix of Irish and Scottish parents) half Italian (dad  Mario comes from Rome, a former architect, and antique dealer), reddish hair, Nordic curves, a killing mix. She has been in London, Paris , Madrid, Tokyo, New York advertising for big names in the Fashion Industry, became one of the Fendi’s sisters protégé in Rome, was on the majors catwalks in Milan, won several beauty contests (she was the “Schweppes face” for Spain in 1989), in the later years of  her modelling career she also worked for Azzedine Alaia and many others in Paris, Armani and  Laura Biagiotti in Italy just to mention some; Roberto Capucci chose her for his adverting campaign, the pictures appeared on Vogue Italy and more famous magazines.

In her early 90’s she moved to Paris, obtained a degree in Fashion Design, worked then for Nikos, Azzedine Alaia and Chanel and decided to stay there for three years. In the mid 90’s she came back to Italy and started her own business which was undoubtedly a mixture of everything she had picked up: Fashion, Antiques and of course Vintage. Her business’s name is Calico’, selling Vintage items carefully selected from all over the world, not neglecting any decade, she is particularly keen on the 1930’s and the 1950’s; Calico’ is also specialized in Antique items such as Textiles, pieces of Furniture, watercolors and oils.

“Vintage has always been a very good companion in my life”, quotes ChiaraMegan,” I could never imagine my life without it. It started as a passion, became very soon a life style, a state of mind, literally. I think Vintage, dress Vintage, look at the world in the Vintage way, because There is no other way




I will not tell you what to wear, I am not an Influencer, never will be.

I like Fashion, but do not to feel trapped in the Fashion Industry, which means that I make my own choices. Vintage is my choice. I will talk about what is Vintage, where to find it( I will be going to fares and flea markets), I will interview some of my Vintage fellows, which became also very good friends along the years. You will  also find a vintage shop online, where of course I will be sharing with you the  best of my  oldies but goddies.

Food and entertainment

Some say  I am a very good cook, therefore between one Vintage item and an interview, I will share with you some of my recipes, you will find some of them very particular. And they are not the usual recipes, because this is  “Nottheusualdressing”.

I will talk about exhibitions and movies and give my very personal feeling and comment about those; I am not a travel agent but if I happen to travel in a very nice place and something really strikes my imagination, I will share that with you as well.

I will talk about my life passion: dogs, my dogs but not only.

The Wednesday post

(The itch to scratch).  In this day of the week, I will be scratching an itch, whatever makes me feel bad. Follow me you won’t be disappointed!.

The online shop

The online shop with my personal choice and selection of vintage items.